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Kfcfeedback.com.au – KFC customer survey has been held spacially to improve your next visit to KFC restaurant. KFC wants to know your suggestion and thoughts to reduce it to improve your satisfaction with this KFC restaurant.


If you complete your survey in a KFC restaurant, you will get a chance to win the KFC coupon code. As you all know, there are some requirements to be a part of this restaurant that are very helpful for making your survey easy. For more information, you can see it on its online site that is KFCvisit.com.

How to Kfc Survey

If you want to escape from significant distress that you think can be challenged while you go to take a visit in this survey to follow these steps, you can follow these steps:

  • First of all, click on its official site that is https://u.kfcvisit.com/ and then click on next.
  • Here you will be recommended to enter your store number.
  • Also, you have to mention the date and time of your visit for this survey.
  • Then you will be asked to click on the start button.
  • Now your survey will start, and then you have to give your feedback directly to the KFC restaurant.
  • After finishing the reading option, you will be asked to answer some of the questions based on your experience in this survey.
  • You have to answer all the questions carefully.
  • And finally, you will be receiving a validation code as a prize.


Kfc Survey of Benefits and rewards

when you finish your survey in this KFC restaurant, you can get a KFC survey prize, and then you can win a validation code as a prize but remember you can not change it into cash as the rules or regulations of KFC restaurant.

Also, if you take a survey in this restaurant, you can get the benefits of having a delicious meal like you can get fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, and wraps. Not only this but you can also get a chance of winning free chips and drinks after finishing your survey in this restaurant.


Terms and condition

You have to follow some of the rules and principal to make your visit happy and enjoyable:

  • To be a part of KFC restaurant, you must be a legal resident of Australia and prove it.
  • You must have your receipts of the KFC restaurant printed survey invitation on it.
  • You can also be 18 or more to participate in this KFC restaurant.

Requirments In

  • It is required to have some basic knowledge of the English language.
  • Also, you must use one of the devices from laptop, computer, your pc or a smartphone connected to a fast internet connection.
  • You can use your coupon code only for the 14 days of getting it; otherwise, it will be expired.
  • Customers can take a survey only one time on their receipt.


Eligibility and criteria

To make your visit comfortable, you should be eligible for some of the criteria that are given below:

  • You should have your KFC  receipt on the store number, and your order number is mentioned; it is necessary to complete your survey.
  • Also, it would be best if you were age 18 or more than it to qualify for the survey.

About Kfc Survey

KFC means Kentucky fried chicken, and it is a very famous fast-food chain in America in that if you participate, you can get some free food on your next visit. They do this to satisfy their customers with their surveys more. This company was founded in 1930 by a famous person, Harland Sanders, and now it is extended to 22,621 other locations and earning a best.



Finally, it is a request that you read this post carefully before taking a survey in this restaurant. Also, after completing your survey, I hope to give your feedback about how you feel about this restaurant and the service of this company so that they can provide a better service to you.

Kfcfeedback.com.au FAQs

  • Is there any purchase compulsory to take a survey in KFC restaurant?

Answer – No, it is not essential to purchase to complete the sirbevy in this KFC restaurant. So that is why you have not need to take worry about it.

  • What is the menu you can get in this restaurant?

Answer – You can get many delicious items like fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, and censorships in this restaurant. Also, after completing your survey, you can get some free dishes.

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